Apple iPhone XS vs Apple iPhone X

Apple shook things up last year with the introduction of the iPhone X, a phone that ushered the company into a new era of smartphone design. It was pegged as the ultra-premium offering in Apple’s lineup, a cut above the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, and introduced a ton of new features to the series that we hadn’t seen before – like Face ID, Animoji, and yes, the controversial notch.

Its successor, the iPhone XS, is naturally superior in almost every imaginable way. Then again, its launch begs the question of whether or not it’s worth an upgrade going from the iPhone X to the XS – or in the case of those torn between the two, which one is the better investment.

These are the type of questions we intend on answering in this comparison, so if you’re curious as well, please do read on!


Apple iPhone XS vs Apple iPhone X

Not surprisingly, the iPhone XS features a recycled design. This shouldn’t come as a shock, especially with how Apple has traditionally reused the previous generation’s design with its S-line of iPhones – so that’s what we see here! As the iPhone X, the XS flaunts a premium design comprised of stainless-steel frames sandwiched together by smooth glass surfaces. While their dimensions are identical, the iPhone XS tips the scale at a slightly heavier 177 grams, versus the iPhone X’s weight of 174 grams. Frankly, it’s negligible and hardly noticeable holding the two in our hands.

If there’s one major difference with the designs, it’s that the iPhone XS provides better water and dust resistant IP68 rating – whereas the iPhone X features an IP67 rating. The difference in this is basically that the iPhone XS is tested to survive under 2 meters of water for 30 minutes, versus the iPhone X which is tested at a depth of 1 meter. Another key differentiating factor is that the iPhone XS is available in a third color – gold – while the iPhone X comes only in silver or space gray. Beyond that, the designs of the two phones are practically are identical.

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